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Mikey’s Balloons LLC In Overland Park, KS

Balloon Artist

About Us

Having a balloon artist at your party can help you make memories and impress guests. Mikey’s Balloons LLC was established in 2015 to create fun, unique balloon art for all occasions. 


Balloons are classic party decorations that add color and a sense of fun to any occasion. We can add balloon decorations that match your team’s colors or reflect the event’s color scheme. Balloon arches are popular, but we can also scatter balloons around the room.


We can provide fun, festive party decorations for any event. Balloon birthday parties are a hit with children. Our artist can make balloon art of animals and objects of all kinds.


We can entertain guests and provide event decorations! Our team can pre-assemble decorations so they’ll be ready when your guests arrive. We can also entertain guests with our balloon skills. There’s no age limit to enjoying balloons, and guests young and old will enjoy balloon hats, animals, and other sculptures.

Call today for the best balloon art in the Overland Park, KS area!


Party Decorations

We make balloon party decorations like centerpieces and arches.


Balloon Birthday Parties

Balloon birthday parties are fun and leave guests with souvenirs.


Event Decorations

We offer balloon event decorations for events from weddings to holiday parties.


See What Our Customers Have to Say

Unique team, unique service. You are truly one of a kind


Max D.


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Business Hours

Mon-Sun: 10am-9pm

Please reach out for questions, quotes on packages, or if you’d like to stop by the office

Overland Park, KS

Email:   |   Phone: (913) 489-7214

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